Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ready for the thunder? Then bring me in a storm!

Woah! I almost forgot to update this wonderful music blog... it would be a shame if I missed a daily update so early in the game, yeah? Well, today I have some very metal music for you all. You know me as an electronica kind of guy but, as evidenced by my previous posts, I do like venturing out into genres that are somewhat unknown to me. Like a blind man finally seeing a double rainbow (oh my God it is so beautiful!) I find myself awed at times with the gems I find amongst the chaff of other genres. Allow me to enlighten you:

Machinae Supremacy- Gimme More (SID)

Machinae Supremacy is a metal band. However, they are a metal band with a twist: in their songs they use chiptune-like influences and various Commodore 64-esque sounds in a subtle manner to heighten how insanely hard they rock. I like all the songs they have produced thus far and my only complaint with them is that I find the lead singer to have a slightly whiny and high pitched voice. Despite that he sings well and true- an ardent vocalist he is, no doubt- and the song lyrics are your standard metal affair. The very subtle influences of other genres that they include in their songs is what really makes this band a gem in my eyes and, hopefully, a diamond in yours. (Note: I had no idea that this was a cover of a Britney Spears song into just recently. I am amazed that they were able to take a song from the likes of her and make it into something so ridiculously awesome. Not that I have some sort of unbidden hate towards Britney Spears, it's just that I think she is completely insane and her music makes me want to injure myself.)

Blind Guardian- The Bard's Song

Blind Guardian is what one might say is more of a "proper" metal group. Curious, then, why I chose one of their songs that are decidedly un-metal, no? I simply love The Bard's Song. In a group that produces some of the most adrenaline pumping power-rifts, crazy drum solos, and deep vocals I find that this song of theirs really shows that they are willing to venture out into other areas while still keeping a very identifiable and skillful bend to their music. The guitar work in this work of theirs is beautiful and expertly done while the singing is utterly powerful and moving. I must insist that you venture forth and listen to their more metal endeavors as they are an amazing showcase of masterful work in that area.

And with that, I bid all adieu as I must submit to that cruel, terrible, and yet utterly beautiful mistress known as sleep. She calls me with such fervor that if I were to set down my head on this glass desk I fear I would wake up in an era unknown to me. An era where sex with robots is all but common and most of the population is stuck in a virtual reality as they waste away... so... sad...

As always, stay in remembrance of your past and excitement of your future!

Friday, September 24, 2010

And now for something entirely different!

Last time I promised you all that I would move away from the more electric-laden styles of music, such as glitchtek and dubstep, and so I have! I have found a couple tracks that I listen to on a pretty frequent basis but that are also outside of my normal realm of listening. Now, the unveiling!

Toro Y Moi- Talamak

Now, before I begin my little breakdown of why I enjoy Toro Y Moi's song Talamak I must ask: What, or who, or how, or why (even) is a Talamak? Toro Y Moi sounds odd as well but it simply sounds like a name; Talamak sounds like some sort of weird shield, or a cursed sword... yeah... the Legend of Talamak. Regardless of the naming convention this artist has chosen, Talamak is a song that brings me such joyous peace and serenity it is almost like drinking a home-brewed batch of Laundanum (Google it, guys, and tell the 17th century French poets they should probably cut that habit out before they can't lift a quill). The singer of the song, Toro Y Moi, has a lovely and high pitched voice that is soothing without being screechy. Couple that with a lovely blend of jazzy, glitchy, electronicish (electronica-ish) background beats and you have yourself a lovely evening alone with candles shining amongst your darkened room as you sip your third (or fourth! Who's counting, right?) glass of red wine while reading a book about the good ol' days, or about summer, or something happy. Whatever it may be, if you need to reach a calmer state, this song and artist is certainly one to keep tabs on.

Sarah Bareilles- King of Anything

Now we're really getting away from what I normally listen to. Sarah Bareilles has the gift of a lovely voice, to be sure, but normally her music doesn't really sit right with me. I mean, it is fine to listen to, but not something I put in any of my playlists. Her song King of Anything is something I put in my playlists. Something about the content of the lyrics (and how pissed off at this guy she seems to be) thrown over an upbeat and happy-go-lucky melody with some wonderful chorus moments just puts me in the best damn mood! It can literally turn my normally cold, dead, and utterly rage filled heart (yeah, you heard it first here folks: I am a demon) into a bundle of kittens, puppies, and things that are at least as cute as kittens and puppies. Give it a listen and lemme know what you all think!

I'm thinking I actually like this two-song-a-day format so, for now, I'm going to stick with it. It allows me to get some great music out to you guys without overwhelming you at the same time, yeah? Further, I think I will keep this blog a purely music blog (despite what my first post says). I mean, it is called "The Song of my People", what else would one expect visiting a blog with a name like that?

Anyway, as always, stay stupendous and superfluous in the face of responsibility!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

And the music doth runneth over...

Guess what guys? Yeah. Hell to the yes. More awesome music served up off the block for your listening pleasure! Today I bring you a few selections from a nice little corner of the internet where genres collide to produce something beautiful, magical... wonderful. Like a unicorn. Seriously, who doesn't adore unicorns?

edIT - Artsy Remix (feat. The Grouch)

Glitch hop is the name of this fair style of music and I must say I am impressed! Who could've thought that gabber-like influences from electronica mixed with a wonderful, melodic flow from The Grouch could go together so well? edIT is one of my favorite artists and his remixes are simply amazing. I have yet to find a remix of his that I don't enjoy. Still hungry for more? Try searching out More Lazers by edIT. You will not be disappointed. Glitchtek is some good stuff and edIT knows exactly what niche he is going for and damn does he do it well!

Marina and the Diamonds - Mowgli's Road (Black Teeth remix)

Today seems like the day of awesome remixes! While Marina and the Diamonds is a band that is good on their own accord I find that, to my personal preference, a good infusion of heavy beats, daunting drops, and overall electric energy is a beautiful thing to do with a song. Black Teeth are a group (or person, perhaps) that I know little about and yet after hearing this song multiple times over the course of an hour (repeat everything much?) I am determined to search them out with great fervor and diligence! Of course, it might be odd to say that "One can never have enough Black Teeth!" but in this case it is the truth.

Now, I realize that a fair amount of my readers may not be particularly inclined to listen or like much electronica which is entirely understandable. I grew up with Daft Punk and everything went down the techno-electric road from there in my case. In my next post I will be moving away from the electric and finding something that perhaps more of you will connect with and enjoy!

As always, stay classy and stay awesome!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shall we start with songs, people?

And now for a post with actual content! What better way to start off a blog known as "The Song of my People" then with a few choice selections of music found across the internet? (Let it be known that all videos posted are officially supported by the artists contained therein and the copyright is, of course, theirs in its entirety.)

Morcheeba- Blood Like Lemonade

Morcheeba is an artist duo that I just recently found out about and, I must say, I am quite taken aback with how lovely the lyrics in their songs are as well as the haunting nature of the tunes as well. Blood Like Lemonade is a song of their new album of the same name and it is a wonderful bit of musical artistry that tells the story of a once holy man who's wife has sadly passed away. Morcheeba is excellent about telling stories with their songs and the music videos that accompany their work are masterful just the same. Definitely a must see/listen for those from all musical walks of life!

Caspa- Marmite (Doctor P Remix)

I'm a man who loves his dubstep. It is a musical genre that I have recently gotten into and I must say that I truly love how hard hitting, liquid, and truly jarring the genre is. Listening to the Doctor P remix of Caspa's Marmite on a nice, bassy subwoofer is an experience I feel that few should forego in their lives, even if they don't really care for electronic music. It is one of the most amazingly dirty and smashing songs I've ever heard; truly a fine example of how to do dirty electronica right!

And for now, dear reader, I leave you. I hope I have broadened your musical horizons somewhat and gotten you to listen to something that might be somewhat outside your normal musical spectrum!

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