Thursday, September 23, 2010

And the music doth runneth over...

Guess what guys? Yeah. Hell to the yes. More awesome music served up off the block for your listening pleasure! Today I bring you a few selections from a nice little corner of the internet where genres collide to produce something beautiful, magical... wonderful. Like a unicorn. Seriously, who doesn't adore unicorns?

edIT - Artsy Remix (feat. The Grouch)

Glitch hop is the name of this fair style of music and I must say I am impressed! Who could've thought that gabber-like influences from electronica mixed with a wonderful, melodic flow from The Grouch could go together so well? edIT is one of my favorite artists and his remixes are simply amazing. I have yet to find a remix of his that I don't enjoy. Still hungry for more? Try searching out More Lazers by edIT. You will not be disappointed. Glitchtek is some good stuff and edIT knows exactly what niche he is going for and damn does he do it well!

Marina and the Diamonds - Mowgli's Road (Black Teeth remix)

Today seems like the day of awesome remixes! While Marina and the Diamonds is a band that is good on their own accord I find that, to my personal preference, a good infusion of heavy beats, daunting drops, and overall electric energy is a beautiful thing to do with a song. Black Teeth are a group (or person, perhaps) that I know little about and yet after hearing this song multiple times over the course of an hour (repeat everything much?) I am determined to search them out with great fervor and diligence! Of course, it might be odd to say that "One can never have enough Black Teeth!" but in this case it is the truth.

Now, I realize that a fair amount of my readers may not be particularly inclined to listen or like much electronica which is entirely understandable. I grew up with Daft Punk and everything went down the techno-electric road from there in my case. In my next post I will be moving away from the electric and finding something that perhaps more of you will connect with and enjoy!

As always, stay classy and stay awesome!


  1. Hey, my steam id is: _lycosa

    Add me bro. :L

  2. I never heard of these guys. Thanks for showing the world their talent.

  3. I'm a fan of glitch mob but i haven't heard any of ediT's solo stuff. Thanks broseph.

  4. Always a fan of finding new music. Thanks!

  5. The glitch hop thing is pretty cool, but I'm definitely super into the Mowgli's Road remix. I really dig Marina and the Diamonds, and I hadn't heard this mix. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Both great songs, been starting to get into electronica too.

  7. Not my cuppa tea but it I can definitely see why you like it so much. Followed

  8. I found Artsy Remix to be quite clever. Not my style, but the vocals made me chuckle.